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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Course Descriptions

Courses that meet the General Education Curriculum (GEC) are so noted at the end of their individual course description.

Courses noted as “shared” are also offered at one or more of the other Vermont State Colleges.


Community Service

   •  CSV-4810 Internship in Community Service
   •  CSV-4910 Independent Study in Community Service

Computer Information Systems

   •  CIS-1430 Spreadsheets
   •  CIS-2220 Website Design
   •  CIS-2271 Java Programming
   •  CIS-2910 Independent Study in Computer Information Systems
   •  CIS-3040 Database
   •  CIS-3272 Advanced Java Programming
   •  CIS-4910 Independent Study in Computer Information Systems

Criminal Justice

   •  CRJ-1010 Introduction to Criminal Justice
   •  CRJ-1040 Criminal Justice Lecture Series: Careers in the Field
   •  CRJ-2150 Community & Restorative Justice
   •  CRJ-2230 Introduction to Criminal Law
   •  CRJ-4020 Criminal Justice: Who is “Criminal”?
   •  CRJ-4730 Topical Seminar in Criminal Justice
   •  CRJ-4770 Criminal Justice Internship Seminar
   •  CRJ-4810 Internship in Criminal Justice
   •  PSY-4035 Forensic Psychology


   •  DAN-1010 Fundamentals of Dance
   •  DAN-1020 Fundamentals of Jazz Dance
   •  DAN-1030 Body Awareness
   •  DAN-1035 FYS: Perfect Body/Perfect Exercise
   •  DAN-1111 Modern Dance
   •  DAN-1210 FYS: If I Can’t Dance, Keep Your Revolution
   •  DAN-2010 Folk Dance
   •  DAN-2030 Improvisation/Composition: Intermediate/Advanced Level
   •  DAN-2040 Beginning Tap Dance
   •  DAN-2131 Ballet
   •  DAN-2730 Topical Seminar in Dance
   •  DAN-2910 Independent Study in Dance
   •  DAN-3010 The Renaissance Spirit
   •  DAN-3020 Intermediate Ballet: Technique & History
   •  DAN-3030 Improvisation/Composition: Intermediate/Advanced Level
   •  DAN-3032 Body Awareness II
   •  DAN-3112 Intermediate Modern Dance: Technique & History
   •  DAN-3130 Jazz Dance
   •  DAN-3140 African/Caribbean Dance & Culture
   •  DAN-3180 Folk Dance II
   •  DAN-3210 The Emperor Ain’t Naked: A History of Western European Fashion & Social Dance from the Mid- 14th Century to the Early 20th Century
   •  DAN-4130 Advanced Ballet/Modern Dance: Technique & History
   •  DAN-4910 Independent Study in Dance


   •  ECO-2020 Macroeconomics
   •  ECO-2030 Microeconomics
   •  ECO-2910 Independent Study in Economics
   •  ECO-3010 Environmental Economics
   •  ECO-3030 Public Finance & Administration
   •  ECO-4910 Independent Study in Economics


   •  EDU-TEW1 Teacher Education Workshop 1: Introduction to Teacher Education
   •  EDU-TEW2 Teacher Education Workshop 2: Application for Practicum I
   •  EDU-TEW3 Teacher Education Workshop 3: Application for Practicum II
   •  EDU-TEW4 Teacher Education Workshop 4: Application for student teaching
   •  EDU-TEW5 Teacher Education Workshop 5: Application for a Verification Check
   •  EDU-1020 The Human Endeavor
   •  EDU-1110 FYS: Critical Thinking in an Age of Media Confusion
   •  EDU-2360 Perspectives on Learning in a Diverse Society
   •  EDU-2365 The Ecology of Human Experience: Development, Culture & Identity
   •  EDU-2370 The Contemporary School
   •  EDU-2910 Independent Study in Education
   •  EDU-3025 Evaluating Characteristics of Diverse Learners
   •  EDU-3032 Language, Culture, Literature, & Education
   •  EDU-3100 Literacy Intervention, Assessment & Strategies
   •  EDU-3110 Literature for Children
   •  EDU-3112 Instructional Dynamics for the Elementary Educator: Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment for Integrated, Engaging & Creative Learners; Part III: Unified Arts for Diverse Learners
   •  EDU-3125 Technology for Integrating Instruction
   •  EDU-3140 Partnering with the Adolescent Learner to Promote Student Engagement
   •  EDU-3265 Instructional Dynamics for the Elementary Educator - Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment for Integrated, Engaging & Creative Lessons; Part I: Language, Literacy, & Literature for Diverse Learners
   •  EDU-3266 Instructional Dynamics for the Elementary Educator - Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment for Integrated, Engaging & Creative Lessons; Part II: Numeracy & Quantitative Reasoning for Diverse Learners
   •  EDU-3300 Introduction to Classroom Management
   •  EDU-3311 Foundations of Inclusive Practices
   •  EDU-3360 Promoting Inventive Thinking: Integrating Multimodal Literacy Across the Curriculum
   •  EDU-3425 GeoCultural Studies
   •  EDU-3440 Teaching Toward Democracy
   •  EDU-3445 Applied Mechanics I
   •  EDU-3460 Literature & Media for Children & Youth
   •  EDU-3570 Dynamic Symmetry
   •  EDU-3811 Instructional Practicum
   •  EDU-4051 Strategies to Promote Inclusive Practices
   •  EDU-4130 Implementing Content Specific Methods in a Secondary Classroom
   •  EDU-4310 The Art of Experience in Education: Designing for Engagement & Accomplishment through the Unified Arts
   •  EDU-4368 Classroom Strategies Practicum
   •  EDU-4630 Integrated Elementary Methods Practicum: Intention, Knowledge & Presence
   •  EDU-4640 Special Education Practices & Procedures
   •  EDU-4650 Capstone & Thesis Seminar
   •  EDU-4812 Unified Arts Student Teaching
   •  EDU-4820 Elementary Student Teaching
   •  EDU-4850 Secondary Education Student Teaching
   •  EDU-4910 Independent Study in Education


   •  ENG-1005 College Reading
   •  ENG-1031 College Writing 1A
   •  ENG-1032 College Writing 1B
   •  ENG-1070 Effective Speaking
   •  ENG-1071 College Writing
   •  ENG-1072 Exposition & Analysis
   •  ENG-1090 FYS: The Vampire in Western Culture
   •  ENG-1220 Rhetorical Expression
   •  ENG-1260 Introduction to Photojournalism
   •  ENG-1310 Introduction to Literature
   •  ENG-1330 FYS: Language of Film
   •  ENG-1360 FYS: Dystopia: Cautionary Tales of a Nightmarish Future
   •  ENG-1420 FYS: Journaling: Writing in New Territory

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