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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Course Descriptions

Courses that meet the General Education Curriculum (GEC) are so noted at the end of their individual course description.

Courses noted as “shared” are also offered at one or more of the other Vermont State Colleges.


Outdoor Education & Recreation

   •  OER-4030 Wilderness Leadership Techniques
   •  OER-4710 Special Topics in Outdoor Education & Recreation
   •  OER-4810 Internship in Outdoor Education
   •  OER-4830 Outdoor Education Teaching Assistant
   •  OER-4900 Research in Outdoor Education
   •  OER-4910 Independent Study in Outdoor Education


   •  PHI-1010 Introduction to Philosophy
   •  PHI-1030 Introduction to Logic
   •  PHI-1040 Introduction to Ethics
   •  PHI-2910 Independent Study in Philosophy
   •  PHI-3150 Philosophy Through Literature
   •  PHI-4910 Independent Study in Philosophy

Physical Education

   •  PED-1010 Physical Education Activities
   •  PED-1150 Foundations of Physical Education
   •  PED-2030 Educational Games, Dance & Gymnastics
   •  PED-2040 Team Sports
   •  PED-2110 Individual, Dual & Lifetime Activities
   •  PED-2810 Internship in Elementary Physical Education
   •  PED-2810 Internship in Physical Education for Exceptional Populations
   •  PED-2910 Independent Study in Physical Education
   •  PED-3070 Methods of Teaching Elementary Physical Education
   •  PED-3120 Measurement & Evaluation
   •  PED-3140 Methods of Teaching Secondary School Physical Education
   •  PED-4910 Independent Study in Physical Education


   •  PHY-1041 Physics I
   •  PHY-1042 Physics II
   •  PHY-2910 Independent Study in Physics
   •  PHY-4910 Independent Study in Physics

Political Science

NOTE: Upper-level (3000/4000) courses in Political Science are offered on a rotating basis, generally every other year.

   •  POS-1010 Introduction to Political Science
   •  POS-1020 American Politics & Government
   •  POS-1030 Comparative Government
   •  POS-1040 African-American History & Politics
   •  POS-2010 Observation of the Legislative Process
   •  POS-2040 International Relations
   •  POS-2050 International Economics & Politics
   •  POS-2110 State & Local Government
   •  POS-2810 Internship in Political Science
   •  POS-2910 Independent Study in Political Science
   •  POS-3010 Survey of Western Political Thought
   •  POS-3025 Research Design & Analysis
   •  POS-3030 Contemporary Political Theory: Race, Class & Gender
   •  POS-3040 The Politics of Gender
   •  POS-3050 Environmental Ethics & Politics
   •  POS-3060 Vermont Politics
   •  POS-3070 Terrorism, Religion & the Nation-State
   •  POS-3130 Church & State Separation: The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
   •  POS-3150 Campaigns & Elections
   •  POS-3160 Modern Politics through Drama & Fiction
   •  POS-3170 U.S. Constitutional Law
   •  POS-3180 Politics in Film
   •  POS-3210 Canadian Politics
   •  POS-3220 Genocide: Inhumanity Across the Ages
   •  POS-3230 Third World Politics
   •  POS-3270 Revolutions, Transformed Economics & Social Change
   •  POS-4010 American Foreign Policy
   •  POS-4020 International Relations
   •  POS-4730 Senior Seminar in Political Science
   •  POS-4810 Internship in Political Science
   •  POS-4910 Independent Study in Political Science


   •  PSY-1010 Introduction to Psychology
   •  PSY-1035 The Psychology Major
   •  PSY-2040 Social Psychology
   •  PSY-2070 Developmental Psychology
   •  PSY-2410 Research Methods in Psychology
   •  PSY-2810 Internship in Psychology
   •  PSY-2910 Independent Study in Psychology
   •  PSY-3010 Theories of Personality
   •  PSY-3030 Organizational Psychology
   •  PSY-3065 Abnormal Behavior
   •  PSY-3110 Adulthood & Aging
   •  PSY-3125 The Evolution of Psychology
   •  PSY-3140 Play & Its Role in Human Development
   •  PSY-3230 Psychology of Gender
   •  PSY-3250 Multicultural Psychology
   •  PSY-3330 Psychology of Addictions
   •  PSY-3345 The Psychology of Groups
   •  PSY-4010 Biological Psychology
   •  PSY-4090 Controversial Issues in Psychology
   •  PSY-4110 Creative Therapies
   •  PSY-4151 Counseling
   •  PSY-4330 Introduction to Clinical Skills
   •  PSY-4340 Fundamentals of Community Mental Health
   •  PSY-4760 Topical Seminar in Psychology
   •  PSY-4770 Senior Seminar in Psychology
   •  PSY-4810 Internship in Psychology
   •  PSY-4910 Independent Study in Psychology


   •  SCI-2910 Independent Study in Science
   •  SCI-4910 Independent Study in Science

Social Science

Courses not included in traditional disciplines of anthropology, psychology or sociology are designated social science courses (SSC). These multi-disciplinary courses are an important component of our curriculum and may be used to meet degree requirements in anthropology and sociology (ANS) and/or psychology (PSY).

   •  SSC-1020 Career Choices
   •  SSC-1050 FYS: A Call to Action
   •  SSC-1060 FYS: All Grown Up? Exploring Your Quarter Life Crisis through Psychology & Literature
   •  SSC-3150 Sociodrama


   •  SOC-1010 Introduction to Sociology
   •  SOC-1040 Integrative Health & Professional Series
   •  SOC-2040 Race/Ethnicity, Class & Gender
   •  SOC-2050 Drugs, Herbs & Society
   •  SOC-2140 Sociolinguistics
   •  SOC-2150 Civic Engagement: The Heart of Social Change
   •  SOC-2810 Internship in Sociology
   •  SOC-2910 Independent Study in Sociology

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