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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Student Services


Academic & Student Life


New campus-based, first-year and transfer students must attend an orientation program that occurs just prior to the start of the semester. Students will participate in a series of meetings, information sessions, small-group activities, social gatherings and special events intended to ensure a successful transition to Johnson State College. Administrators, faculty, staff and upper-class students are available to assist students with their introduction to the JSC community. Students will have an opportunity to discuss academic requirements, social and recreational activities, and the regulations and rules governing college life.

Office of First-Year Experience

The First-Year Experience Program includes a variety of programs and services designed to help first year students make a successful transition to the demands of college life. FYE is consists of the following components:

  • New Student Orientation
  • First-Year Seminars
  • Common Reading Initiative
  • Residential Programming
  • Peer Mentoring

Advising & Registration Center

This Advising & Registration Center coordinates a variety of programs and services, encouraging students to be active participants in their own educational development. A student’s academic record is both an ongoing point of reference and a road map toward successful completion.  Advising is the process that informs a student’s plans and curricular decisions.  This Center is here to help studens make that journey as smooth as possible. Programs and services include:

  • First-year academic advisors
  • General academic advising
  • Academic health advising
  • Assistance in choosing a major
  • JSC’s Exploratory program for students who have not yet declared a major
  • International student support
  • National Student Exchange
  • Study-abroad opportunities and advising
  • Transfer credit evaluations
  • Transcript requests
  • Degree audits & graduation coordination
National Student Exchange

The National Student Exchange (NSE), coordinated out of the Advising & Registration Center, is a network of nearly 200 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. Through NSE, JSC students who meet the eligibility requirements can spend a semester or a year at one of these institutions, earning credit toward their JSC degree typically at JSC tuition rates. International exchange opportunities are available through participating institutions with study-abroad programs open to NSE exchange students.

Study Abroad

In addition to the study-abroad opportunities available through NSE and various affiliate programs, many JSC programs and faculty sponsor short-term international study tours, field research projects and service learning opportunities. Early planning is encouraged to assure the timely completion of all academic degree requirements. Students considering a semester abroad should meet with an advisor in the Advising & Registration Center at least six months prior to the semester in which they wish to study abroad. All study-abroad experiences that are not part of a class must be arranged through the Advising & Registration Center.

Support for International Students

Johnson State College creates opportunities for the campus community to meet and interact with students from multicultural and international backgrounds. Committed to enhancing the diversity of its student body, the College promotes the enrollment of international students, as well as U.S. residents who are English language learners (ELLs), whose participation in college life helps expand the JSC community’s awareness of world and intercultural issues and events. Students at JSC have come from numerous countries, including Canada, Colombia, Jamaica, Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Japan, Pakistan, France, Poland, Indonesia, Norway, Congo, Sudan, Romania, China, Gabon, Argentina, Somalia and the Philippines.

JSC offers a wide range of support to English language learners to assist in a successful transition to the challenges of American college life and studies, including: orientation to campus and community life; support for cultural and academic adjustment; advice and assistance with career, immigration and visa matters; advocacy to enhance campus awareness of multicultural perspectives; and academic support to meet the needs of international students and English language learners.

Academic Support Services

The Office of Academic Support Services offers a range of support to JSC students as they progress through their college careers. The goal is to provide support that empowers students to successfully complete their college education and prepares them for further education and employment. The office works with all students at JSC, coordinates services for TRIO students, works with students to develop essential “college survival” skills such as note and test taking, active reading, study and research skills, and time management.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Johnson State College is committed to providing students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of the educational environment. The learning specialist in the Office of Academic Support Services works with students with disabilities to obtain appropriate accommodations, such as testing accommodations, note-taking assistance, sign language interpreters, textbooks in alternative formats, and assistive technologies.

Current and comprehensive documentation of a disability is necessary to be eligible for academic accommodations. Guidelines and necessary forms are available on the JSC website and the MyJSC Portal at http://MyJSC.jsc.edu.

Academic Coaching & Tutoring

Academic Support Services provides a friendly and supportive environment for students seeking to improve their academic performance. Professional staff and peer coaches can help foster academic success by encouraging students to become more independent learners.  Online tutoring is available to Distance Learning (DL) students with the first three hours per semester at no cost.

Services for TRIO Students

Academic Support Services is partially funded by a federal TRIO grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The purpose of TRIO is to provide support to populations typically under-served by post-secondary education. To be eligible for TRIO services, a student must meet at least one of the following criteria: be from a family where neither parent completed a four-year bachelor’s degree; be from a family of low or modest income; or have a documented disability.

Services to students accepted into the TRIO program at JSC include priority standing for academic coaching, access to technology, financial-literacy information, and free tickets to selected campus cultural events.

Distance Learning Programs

Distance Learning (DL) programs at Johnson State College are designed for those seeking an alternative to the on-campus experience, who are expecting the same challenging courses and the same prestigious degree as those enrolled in our traditional on-campus programs.

Students enrolled in DL programs are generally restricted from participating in and/or gaining access to certain college activities, events, and facilities. They are, however, eligible for certain student services related to their program such as advising, career planning, etc., as well as other student support services.

Support services available to DL students include but are not limited to:

  •  Academic Advising
  • Financial aid
  • Library
  • Tutoring
  • Disability services
  • Bookstore

Activities, events, and facilities not available to DL students:

  • Campus housing
  • SHAPE Fitness & Athletics Center
  • Wellness Center
  • Participation in campus-based clubs and organizations
  • Student Government Association
  • College transportation services including the Badger Bullet Bus and Morrisville Shuttle
  • Varsity athletics

Career & Internship Center

Visit Ellen Hill, Internship Program Coordinator, and Beth Walsh, Coordinator of Career Development, when you have questions about internships, graduate school, resumes, the job search and interviewing.
Once you get to JSC, what should you do?

Public Safety

The Office of Public Safety is here for the safety of all students, faculty and staff on the JSC campus. In addition to overseeing campus security and This office also coordinates the work of the Campus Crisis Response Team, a group of staff and faculty that meets regularly to plan procedures in the event of a crisis or emergency on campus.

In addition, a variety of safety and security training programs are offered through the Residence Life office and the Counseling Center. Information on current JSC policies relevant to criminal actions, campus law enforcement, training programs, policies and campus crime statistics can be found on the Johnson State College website at www.jsc.edu/offices-non-academic-departments/public-safety/campus-safety-information.

Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life facilitates student growth and development by providing a variety of options in living environments, programs and activities. Student growth is fostered in an environment that encourages freedom of choice and responsible behavior. All residence halls and residence hall rooms are smoke-free. Each room offers Internet access, telephone service (with voicemail) and cable TV connection.

Housing Policies & the On-Campus Residence Requirement

To the extent that space is available, Johnson State requires full-time first- and second-year students to reside in on-campus housing and participate in the College meal plan. It is the College’s philosophy that the residential life experience provides opportunities for educational, cultural and social enrichment that are necessary components of an individual’s growth.

Detailed information about JSC residence halls and exemptions from the on-campus housing requirement is available on the JSC website at www.jsc.edu.

College Meal Plan

All students living on campus are required to participate in the College Meal Plan. Sodexo Food Service Corporation provides quality food service to the Johnson State College campus. Students are invited to take advantage of the numerous dining options that accommodate a variety of appetites and schedules. Vegetarian and vegan options, as well as hot line items, soups, salads and deli bar are available on a daily basis.

Meal plan exemptions will be considered for medical reasons. Requests to be released from the meal plan policy must be made in writing to the Housing Review Committee. The online exemption form must be used. Refer to the JSC website or Student Handbook for meal exemption criteria. See Tuition & Fees  for current costs.

Student Health & Wellness

Johnson State College partners with Community Health Services of Lamoille Valley (CHSLV) to provide comprehensive health-care services to students. Students receive priority appointments on weekdays, with free transportation provided by the College to and from the nearby clinic in Morrisville. In addition, the College provides transportation and other services as needed to Copley Hospital, Mansfield Orthopedics and other medical facilities in the region.

On campus, the JSC Wellness Center, staffed by professional and graduate-student counselors, provides free counseling and referrals, presentations and workshops, campus-wide mental-health screenings, and mental-health crisis assistance. All services provided by the Wellness Center are free to students.

For details, please refer to the Student Services section of the JSC website (jsc.edu).

Clubs, Organizations & Athletics

Student Government Association & Student Activities

The JSC Student Government Association (SGA) fosters student involvement in a wide range of social, cultural, intellectual and recreational activities on campus. Each undergraduate who pays the activity fee (living on or off campus) is a member of the JSC Student Government Association. The SGA budget is derived from the annual student activities fee. The budget provides funding for an extensive schedule of dances, concerts, films, lectures and other student-planned activities and events.

Clubs & Organizations

JSC has several clubs and student organizations that provide opportunities for students to gain valuable leadership experience while sponsoring numerous events for the entire campus community. Club sports are organized by students and compete at a level that is determined by the club members and in consultation with the Office of Student Activities.

Detailed information about JSC clubs and student activities is available on the Student Life section of the JSC website at www.jsc.edu.

Athletics & Recreation

Johnson State College fields 15 varsity teams that compete in NCAA Division III (North Atlantic Conference):

  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Golf (men)
  • Lacrosse (men)
  • Soccer
  • Softball (women)
  • Track and Field
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball (women)

The mission of the JSC Department of Athletics & Recreation is to provide comprehensive and competitive varsity programs for skilled student-athletes as well as recreational opportunities for all students. Varsity athletics programs at JSC are operated in a way that contributes to the personal development of all student-athletes. Students interested in competing on the intercollegiate teams must meet NCAA eligibility standards, which include maintaining good academic standing and satisfactory progress toward degree as defined by Johnson State College (see Academic Regulations & Requirements ).

The department also strives to provide quality intramural and wellness opportunities for the Johnson State community.  Through a wide variety of activity offerings, the Recreation and Intramural programs strive to provide opportunities that foster physical, social and emotional wellness. Offerings have been designed to provide equal opportunity for participatin regardless of gender, age, race, interests, or motor skill level.

The Athletics & Recreation staff helps student-athletes develop skills in leadership, communication/motivation and time management. JSC student-athletes commit to serving as role models in the community and participate in a variety of community service and mentoring programs. Recent programs include Readers as Role Models, Kids’ Night Out, Gym Days, Shooting for Goals, Special Olympics Basketball Clinic, Veterans Wheelchair Basketball, and camps and clinics in basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball.

JSC also offers numerous sports, fitness and recreational facilities and opportunities to all students on campus. See the Student Life section of the JSC website at www.jsc.edu and the Athletics website at athletics.jsc.edu for information about facilities, intramurals and recreation programs.

Code of Conduct

Each student is responsible for being aware of the policies, rules and regulations that govern the campus and set standards for behavior. The Code of Conduct is published in the Student Handbook and on the JSC Portal. The Code of Conduct explains the process by which disciplinary action may be taken for student misconduct. Copies of the Code of Conduct may be obtained from the Dean of Students Office.