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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog



Full-Time Faculty

Aubuchon, Christopher. Associate Professor
Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Kentucky
Specializations: Homological algebra and module theory, number theory

Bacchus, Tania S. Professor
Ph.D., Oceanography, University of Maine at Orono
Specializations: Oceanography (marine geology), quaternary studies, environmental sciences

Beach, Jensen. Assistant Professor
M.F.A., Fiction, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
M.A., English, Stockholm University

Black, James. Professor
Ph.D., Systems Science, Portland State University
Specializations: Leadership, management, Java programming, general systems theory

Bou-Nacklie, N.E. Professor
Ph.D., Middle Eastern History, University of Utah
Specializations: Middle East, Africa, Third World

Brinegar, Kathleen. Associate Professor
Ed.D., Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of Vermont
Specializations: Middle Level Education, Adolescent Literacy, Women’s Studies

Cezar, Henrique. Associate Professor
M.B.A., McGill University
Specializations: Financial market analyst, asset management, and international business

Cline, Sharon Elise. Associate Professor
Ph.D., Modern French and European History, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Specializations: History of modern France, modern European intellectual and cultural history, European women’s and gender history

Clute, Sean. Associate Professor
M.F.A., Electronic Music and Recording Media, Mills College

Comen, Todd. Professor.
M.P.S., Hotel Administration, Cornell University.
Specializations: Impact of the hospitality industry on the community at large, organizations that operate with a mission of social responsibility, and hospitality organizations that create a whole experience for the customer

Dolci, Elizabeth D. Professor
Ph.D., Environmental Health Sciences, University of Michigan
Post Doctoral: Cell Biology, Yale University
Specializations: Cell signaling in paramecium, science education

Donovan, Kimberly. Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Counselor Education and Counseling, Idaho State University
Specializations:  Clinical Mental Health

Doyle, William. Professor
Ed.D., Education, Columbia University

Eddy, Isaac.  Assistant Professor
M.F.A., Performance & Interactive Media Art, Brooklyn College, CUNY

Genter, Robert B. Professor
Ph.D., Biology, Virginia Polytechnic & State University
Specializations: Ecological toxicology, limnology, phycology

Green, Susan E. Professor
Ph.D., Sociology, University of Montana
Specializations: Gender roles, sociolinguistics, sexuality and intimacy, qualitative methods, medical sociology-health and wellness

Haverkamp, Hans Christian. Associate Professor
Ph.D., Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Hoffman, Audrey. Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Special Education, Utah State University
Specializations:  Disability Disciplines, Applied Behavioral Analysis
Jochnowitz, Leona. Assistant Professor
Ph.D., School of Criminal Justice, University of Albany
Specializations:  Science of jury decision-making, sentencing, wrongful convictions, courts and law
Johnson, Leslie. Associate Professor
Ph.D., General/Experimental Psychology and Social Psychology, University of Vermont
Specializations: Stigma, the self, body image, and the psychology of women

Kanat, Leslie H. Professor
Ph.D., Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, England
Specializations: Structural geology and metamorphic petrology

Leslie, Kenneth. Professor
M.F.A., Painting and Printmaking, University of Pennsylvania
Specializations: Painting, drawing and artist’s books

Martin, Mary. Associate Professor
Ph.D., Art History and Cultural Policy, University of Iowa
Specializations: 20th century art, African art, legal issues in art

McGough, David. Professor
Ph. D., Educational Policy and Administration: Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education, University of Minnesota
Specializations: Secondary education, foundations of education, leadership studies

Miller, Hannah. Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Teacher Education/Science Education, Michigan State University

Miller, John. Professor
M.F.A., Visual Studies Workshop, SUNY at Buffalo
Specializations: Photography, documentary studies, oral history, writing, exhibition design, and planning graphic design

Mireault, Gina C. Professor
Ph.D., Developmental Psychology, University of Vermont
Specializations: Infant humor perception and creation, social referencing, tantrums, parental loss in childhood

Moskowitz, Brad. Professor
M.A., Leadership and Experiential Education, Prescott College
Specialization: Outdoor education, adventure education and wilderness leadership

Pellerin, John. Associate Professor
Ph.D., Purdue University
Specializations: Chemistry, physics

Petrics, Gregory. Associate Professor
Ph.D., Mathematics, Dartmouth College

Plazek, David. Associate Professor
Ph.D., Political Science, West Virginia University

Plissey, Bethany. Assistant Professor
M.A., Music, Indiana University

Powell, Elizabeth. Professor
M.F.A., Fiction Writing, Vermont College
Specializations: Poetry, fiction, non-fiction

Rito, Justin. Assistant Professor
D.M.A., Music Composition, Michigan State University
Specializations:  Musc composition and music theory
Schulze, Robert. Assistant Professor
Ed.D., Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Specializations:  Special Education

Shaw, Tyrone. Associate Professor
M.F.A., Writing, Union Institute & University

Silver, Paul L. Professor
Ph.D., History, University of Pennsylvania
Specializations: Progressive movement and New Deal; women in American history; Chinese and Japanese history

Theoret, Julie. Professor
Ph.D., Nonassociative Algebra, University of Virginia
Specialization: K-12 math education

Towner, Daniel. Professor
Ph.D., American Literature, Ohio University
Specializations: American literature, writing, film

Twigg, Sharon. Associate Professor
Ph.D., Nineteenth Century British Literature and Culture, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Uhlendorf, Karen J. Professor
Ed.D., Physical Education Curriculum and Instruction, with special emphasis in Outdoor Adventure Education, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Specializations: Physical education and outdoor education

Weigel, Daniel. Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Counselor Education and Counseling, Idaho State University
Specializations:  Clinical Mental Health

Welch, Amy. Associate Professor
Ph.D., Sport and Exercise Science, University of Leeds

Wolff, Maris. Professor
Special Training: Composition and Improvisation
Specializations: Modern dance, ballet, historical dance, Renaissance dance and history, Baroque dance, 19th Century dance, jazz dance, choreography dance history

Zebrowski, Michael. Assistant Professor
M.A., Architecture, Cranbrook Academy of Arts

Part-Time Faculty

(Partial list)
Alberi, Sawyer. B.S., U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Altman, Andrea. M.S., University of Bridgeport
Austin, Mary Jane. B.M., Cleveland Institute of Music
Baird, Sandra. M.A., University of Wisconsin
Baker, William. M.A., Johnson State College
Bandar, Leila. M.F.A., Boston University
Bathory-Kitsz, Dennis. Ph.D., Paideia Institute
Berryman, Laurie. Ed.D, University of Vermont
Bickerstaff, Jeffrey. Ph.D., Miami University of Ohio
Blair, Stephen. M.M., Music, University of Massachusetts
Blueter, DeAnne. M.A., Johnson State College
Bond, Bethany. M.F.A., Savannah College of Art & esign
Capps, Joe. B.M., Berklee College of Music
Cravedi, Stefanie. M.A., Middlebury College
Delongis-Shively, Danielle. M.S.W., Smith College, School for Social Work
Eastman, Linda. M.S., University of Vermont
Efromovski, Blagorodna. M.A. Johnson State College
Foster-Weston, Colette. B.S., Johnson State College
Hale, David. M.F.A., University of Michigan
Higgins, Philip. M.A., Johnson State College
Johnston, Kevin, Ph.D., Yale University
Kramer, Marjorie. B.F.A., Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture
Kroncke, Eric.  B.A., University of Colorado, Boulder
Langley, Jacqueline. M.S., Columbia University
Light, Steven. M.F.A., Sarah Lawrence College
May, Amy. M.F.A., Indiana University
McAleer, Alexandra. M.S., University of Vermont
McCarthy, Sally. M.A., Johnson State College
Mecklosky, Carolyn. B.F.A., Johnson State College
Mehn-Madrona, Lewis. Ph.D., Psychological Studies Institute
Metcalf, Michael. M.A., University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Moore, Mark. A.A., Shepherd College, NOLS Certified
Moran, James. J.D., Vermont Law School
Perline, Kelly. M.Ed. with C.A.S., University of Vermont
Perline, Kevin. M.A., Johnson State College
Peryea, Bree. Ph.D., University of Vermont
Philips, Shaun. M.S., Sourthern New Hampshire University
Puleio, Mark. B.A., Prescott College
Rossiter, Timothy. Ed.D., Univerity of Vermont
Salerno, S. Joseph. M.F.A., Indiana University
Schoenbeck, Lorilee. N.D., National College of Natural Medicine
Shanley, Richard. M.A. and Certificate of Adv. Graduate Studies, University of Vermont
Sparrow, John. Ph.D., University of New Hampshire
Stieglitz-Shell, Deborah. M.S., Johnson State College
Supple, Jennifer. M.S. University of Connecticut
Turkle, Ann. Ph.D., Florida State University
Verderber, Gustav W. M.A., Ohio State University
Warren, Robert. M.A., University of Connecticut
Weiss, Russ. M.A., Johnson State College
Winkler, Robert., M.S., State University of New York at Plattsburgh
Zolnoski, Victoria. B.F.A., Johnson State College

Emeritus Faculty

Philip Chiaravalle. Emeritus Professor of Biology, Ph.D., University of Rhode Island (Deceased)
Kathleen “Kit” Cooke. Emeritus Professor of History, M.Litt., Oxford University
John Duffy, Emeritus Professor of Humanities, Ph.D., Syracuse University
Robert A. Ellsworth. Emeritus Professor of Latin American History, M.A., Columbia University (Deceased)
Selma Guttman. Emeritus Professor of English, Ph.D., Columbia University (Deceased)
Robert Hutchinson. Emeritus Professor of Education, Ph.D., University of Connecticut (Deceased)
Walter A. Minaert. Emeritus Professor of Physical Education, Ed.D., Boston University (Deceased)
Margaret Ottum. Emeritus Professor of Environmental & Health Sciences, Ph.D., Oregon State University (Deceased)
Kenneth Raymond. Librarian, Emeritus Professor of History, M.A., University of Vermont (Deceased)
Edward Stefaniak. Emeritus Professor of Science, Ed.D., Boston University School of Education (Deceased)
Albert Swinchoski. Emeritus Professor of Music, Ph.D., University of Kansas (Deceased)
Alice Whiting. Emeritus Professor of Education, M.Ed., Boston University


Elaine Collins, President
Ph.D., Ohio State University

Atkins, Nolan, Provost
Ph.D., Atmospheric Sciences, University of California
Sharron Scott, Dean of Administration, Chief Technology Officer
B.S., Business, University of Vermont
Jonathan Davis, Dean of Student Affairs
B.S., Adventure Leadership, Lyndon State College

Loralie Adams, Transfer Credit Coordinator; Advising & Registration Center
Tom Adams, Custodian II; Physical Plant
Dianne Allaire, Mailroom Supervisor; Mailroom
Kim Anetsberger, Administrative Assistant; Fine & Performing Arts Department
Jeffrey Angione, Circulation Coordinator; Willey Library & Learning Center
Jessica Auperlee, Administrative Assistant; Public Safety Office
Leila Bandar, Writing/Humanities Specialist; Academic Support Services
Amy Beattie, Coordinator of Online Learning and Services; External Degree Program
Jeff Bickford, Coordinator of Residential Life; Dean of Students & Residence Life Office
Tony Blueter, Director; Upward Bound
Sonja Bracey, Coordinator of Student Development; Upward Bound
Raymond Brior, Librarian II; Willey Library & Learning Center
Eric Bronson, Assistant Network Administrator; Information Technology Services
Bonnie Burns, Custodian II; Physical Plant
Renate Callahan, Administrative Assistant; Business & Economics Department
Bobbi Jo Carter, Associate Dean of Distance Education
David Cavanagh, Advisor; External Degree Program
Erin Conner, Campus Visit & Outreach Coordinator, Admissions Office
David Coolbeth, Maintenance Technician III; Physical Plant
Cormier, Ashley, Records Specialist II; Advising & Registration Center
Lisa Cummings, Director of Financial Aid; Student Financial Services
Daniel Dunnem, Custodian; Physical Plant
Lynda Despault, Custodian II; Physical Plant
Carolyn D’Luz, Staff Assistant; Academic Support Services
Sandy Duffy, Director of Payroll/Benefits; Student Financial Services
Douglas Eastman. Registrar; Advising & Registration Center
Jason Eckenroth, Director, Dibden Center for the Arts
Greg Eckman, Assistant Athletic Director of Student-Athlete Develoment; SHAPE Facility
Barbara Flathers, Assistant to the Dean of Students; Dean of Students & Residence Life Office
Pamela Gelineau, Serials/Government Documents Specialist; Willey Library & Learning Center
Robert Gervais, Coordinator of Institutional Technology; Information & Technology Services; & Head Softball Coach
Alice Godin, Interlibrary Loan Supervisor; Willey Library & Learnign Center
Kimberly Goodell, Associate Director of Financial Aid; Student Financial Services
Tammy Goss, Assistant Registrar; Advising & Registration Center
Elga Gruner, Assistant Director of Admissions; Admissions Office
Katrina Guaraldi, Admissions Counselor; Admissions Office
Matthew Hall, Security Officer; Public Safety Office
Bethany Harrington, Admissions Specialist; Admissions Office
Matt Hayes, Coordinator of First-Year Events; Office of First Year Experience
Peter Haselbacher, Badger Bullet Driver
Catherine Higley, Administrative Assistant; Graduate Office
Ellen Hill, Internship Program Coordinator; Career & Internship Center
Penny Paradee Howrigan. Associate Dean of Enrollment Services; Admissions Office
Jarrod Irwin, Master Maintenance Technician; Physical Plant
Edson Jones, Master Maintenance Tech. III; Physical Plant
Lisa Kent, Access Services Librarian; Library
Sara Kinerson, Director of Advising; Advising & Registration Center
Keith Kirchner, Chemical Hygiene Officer
Eric Kirk, Marketing Design & Production Manager; College Communications Office
Carrie Koniuto, Office Coordinator; Wellness Center
Cindy Kullmann, Administrative Assistant; Academic Support Services
Michael Laflin, Security Officer; Public Safety
Andrew Lafrenz, Coordinator of Sport Management Concentration
Laurie Laggner, Records Specialist II; Advising & Registration Center
Jo Ann Lamore, Assistant Academic Dean; Academic Dean’s Office
Joan Langlois, Custodian II; Physical Plant
Kenneth Lanpher, Master Maintenance Technician; Physical Plant
Stacy Lanpher, Custodian II; Physical Plant
Nita Lanphear, Staff Assistant; Physical Plant
Rosanne Lehouillier, Custodian II; Physical Plant
Elizabeth Lyon, Advising Programs Coordinator; Advising & Registration Center
Joye Lyon, Assistant Director of Admissions; Admissions
Jeff Machia, Vehicle/Equipment Mechanic II; Physical Plant
Julie Machia, Custodian II; Physical Plant
Jill Mackey, Records Specialist III; Advising & Registration Center
Karen Madden, Director; Academic Support Services
Elaine Manning, Custodian II; Physical Plant
Brian Marcoux, Custodian II; Physical Plant
Kathleen McCarthy, College Counselor; Wellness Center
Martin McMahon, Mechanical Systems Technician II; Physical Plant
Ken Moore, Mechanical System Tech II; Physical Plant
Zachary Morse, Custodian II; Physical Plant
David E. Muir, Maintenance Supervisor; Physical Plant
Emily Neilsen, Professional Advisor for First-Year Students; Advising & Registration Center
James Nichols, Head Athletic Trainer; SHAPE Facility
Susan Nichols, Assistant to the Dean of Academic Affairs; Academic Dean’s Office
Sandra Noyes, Staff Assistant; Humanities and Writing/Literature Departments
Cecelia North, Executive Assistant to the President; President’s Office
Tommy O’Connor, Admissions Counselor; Admissions Office
Ron Osbourne, Manager; Bookstore
Rhonda Osgood, Staff Assistant; External Degree Program
Michael Palagonia, Director; Public Safety Office
Cindy Peatman, Custodian; Physical Plant
Lauren Philie, Director of Development and Alumni Relations
Dennis Richards, Custodian III; Physical Plant
Patrick Rogers, Director of Admissions; Admissions Office
Deneen Russell, Accounts Receivable Supervisor; Student Financial Services
Vicky Sanborn, Staff Assistant; Behavioral Sciences and Education Departments
Rory Savoie, Badger Bullet Driver
Justin Segale, Security Officer II, Public Safety Office
Miles Smith Assistant Athletic Director & Head Men’s Basketball Coach; SHAPE Facility
Elizabeth Spier, Program Assistant; Conferences and Event Programming
Dorothy Spoerl, Asst. Chief Technology Officer; Information Technology Services
Dannielle Spring, Director of Conference & Events Programming
Shane Stacy, Math/Science Speicalist; Academic Support Services
Clyde Stats, Assistant Director and EDP Advisor; Academic Support Services
Jennifer Stefanski, Coordinator; First-Year Support
Michelle Stemper, Assistant Athletic Trainer; SHAPE Facility
Toby Stewart, Controller; Student Financial Services
Winifred Sullivan, Lead Maintenance Worker; Physical Plant
Krista Swahn, Director of Student Activities and Community Services
Ted Thorndike, College Counselor; Wellness Center
Jamey Ventura, Director of Athletics and Recreation; SHAPE Facility
Andrea Wadlington, Accounting Specialist III; Student Financial Services
Beth Walsh, Coordinator of Career Development; Career & Internship Center
Margaret Warden, Director of First-Year Experience; First-Year Experience Office
Melissa Weinstein, Web and Digital Communications Manager; College Communications Office
Michele Whitmore, Associate Dean of Students; Dean of Student’s Office
Deborah Whitney, Custodial/Housekeeping Supervisor; Physical Plant


Johnson State College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education and the Vermont State Department of Education.

Inquiries regarding the accreditation status by the New England Association should be directed to the administrative staff of the institution. Individuals may also contact:

Commission on Institutions of Higher Education
New England Association of Schools and Colleges
209 Burlington Road, Suite 201
Bedford, MA 01730-1433
(781) 271-0022