Mar 24, 2018  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Behavioral Sciences

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Faculty / Staff

Susan Green, Professor, Department Co-Chair
Gina Mireault, Professor, Department Co-Chair 
Leslie Johnson, Associate Professor
Kimberly Donovan, Assistant Professor
Leona Jochnowitz, Assistant Professor
Daniel Weigel, Assistant Professor
Vicky Sanborn, Staff Assistant

Programs in the Behavioral Sciences Department explore the ways humans behave, both as individuals and as groups, and the impact of this behavior on society.  Each major provides a different lens through which to view these topics.  Anthropology examines cultural differences and similarities; sociology examines the relationships and interactions between humans and social structures; psychology examines individual human behavior and intelligences.

The Wellness & Alternative Medicine major combines aspects of all three of these disciplines with the study of biology, chemistry, anatomy and other sciences to deliver a practical education in a variety of healing and health practies used throught the world.


The Behavioral Sciences Department offers courses with the following designators: ANT (anthropology), CRJ (criminal restorative justice), CSV (community service/volunteer), PSY (psychology), SSC (social science), SOC (sociology) and WAM (wellness & alternative medicine). See full Course Descriptions . The department also offers a Master of Arts program in counseling; refer to the JSC Graduate Catalog for information. (To access the graduate catalog, chose it from the drop-down menu at upper right.)


    Majors & ConcentrationsMinors

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