May 23, 2018  
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology: Field Naturalist (B.A.)

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The B.A. in Biology: Field Naturalist is designed for students who want to puruse careers in environmental education or research positions for state or federal environmental conservation agencies, private conservation organizations, consulting firms and environmental education institutions. Field naturalists have a broad knowledge of ecology, organismal biology, field geology, environmental chemistry, conservation biology and wildlife management.

Learning Outcomes

The B.A. in Biology: Field Naturalist is designed to produce graduates who:

  • Critically read, evaluate and synthesize information from relevant biological and environmental literature;
  • Observe, identify and measure the living and physical aspects of the natural environment using scientific methods; and
  • Are able to articulate in written, oral and graphical form the characteristics of natural environments and human interactions with them.

Electives (choose at least 4 courses):

Total: 55-67 credits

* These courses also fulfill requirements in the Environmental Science, Health Sciences, Outdoor Education and Wellness & Alternative Medicine programs.

+ These courses also fulfill the General Education Curriculum requirements.

Secondary Teaching License in Science

Students pursuing licensure endorsement to teach science in grades 7-12 must successfully complete one of the approved majors for this endorsement (the B.A. in Biology: Field Naturalist , B.S. in Biology: General , B.S. in Biology: Pre-Medical B.S. in Health Sciences: Pre-Physical Therapy  B.S. in Environmental Science: Analysis & Assessment , or B.S. in Environmental Science: Policy & Advocacy ), as well as specific teacher-education coursework and requirements. Please refer to the Secondary Teacher License Endorsement  section for details.


In order to earn a degree, you must successfully complete all requirements for your major as listed here AND meet all other Degree Requirements , including the General Education Curriculum requirements  and JSC Graduation Standards  .

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