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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Outdoor Education (B.A.): Environmental Education concentration

This program is for students pursuing careers helping children and adults learn about and explore their environment, understand what they can do to take care of it, and apply what they learn to global environmental issues. It program provides technical training in outdoor techniques and leadership in combination with cross-disciplinary study in education, psychology, biology and environmental science. Graduates earn a B.A. in Outdoor Education with a concentration in Environmental Education.

Students in this concentration will be prepared for employment in a variety of settings, including working at outdoor education, environmental and nature centers; as naturalists or interpreters in federal, state or local parks; conducting nature or environmentally-oriented activities for municipal or community recreation programs; as summer camp nature specialists; and as school and college workshop leaders and curriculum consultants. Students can also pursue advanced degrees in outdoor education and environmental education.

Outdoor Education Programs at JSC

Students in the Outdoor Education major choose one of two concentrations – Adventure Education & Wilderness Leadership or Environmental Education – and graduate with a B.A. in Outdoor Education.The major provides technical training in outdoor pursuits/adventure leadership and environmental education in combination with cross-disciplinary study in education, psychology and biology. It is a highly experiential program that prepares students for a career or graduate study in outdoor education, outdoor recreation and environmental education. An internship is required.

Prior to the required internship, students must complete OER-3010  with a grade of C- or better, have junior or senior standing and obtain a recommendation from the Outdoor Education faculty. Students should meet with their advisors early in their program for specific details regarding the internship process.

Learning Outcomes

The B.A. in Outdoor Education seeks to produce graduates who can demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of the historical and philosophical foundations of the field, human development, learning theories, experiential education, natural history and environmental issues;
  • The ability to critically read, evaluate and synthesize literature in the field of outdoor education and carry out an original research project;
  • Pedagogical skills and practical experience organizing, teaching and leading diverse populations through experiential, field-based learning opportunities;
  • Knowledge of professional practices including program administration, program development, risk management, emergency procedures and awareness of industry standards, current issues and trends;
  • Knowledge and skills specific to outdoor adventure pursuits and/or environmental education.

Environmental Education Concentration


In order to earn a degree, you must successfully complete all requirements for your major as listed here AND meet all other Degree Requirements , including the General Education Curriculum requirements  and JSC Graduation Standards  .