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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Communications & Community Media (B.A): Photojournalism concentration

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The Photojournalism concentration of the B.A. in Communications & Community Media prepares students for careers in photojournalism. Beginning with a background in basic journalistic practices and digital media, students apply those skills to the particular demands of compelling visual documentation and narrative. Students learn essential photographic skills from the basics of composition, lighting and a focus on the ethical concerns of mass media in general and this visual medium in particular. Graduates earn a B.A. in Communications & Community Media with a concentration in Photojournalism.

Communications & Community Media Programs at JSC

This interdisciplinary program consists of three concentrations – Print and Web Community Journalism , Photojournalism  and Public Relations  – that share a common core of eight courses. It is designed to prepare students for careers in media communications, journalism and photojournalism in both print and web-based media. Students must successfully complete the requirements for one or more of the three concentrations in addition to the core Communications & Community Media curriculum..

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will understand and apply best practices in community journalism, public relations and photojournalism.
  2. Students will understand and apply ethical principles to their communications work.
  3. Students will gain competency in a variety of media platforms applicable to both print and web.
  4. Students will achieve proficiency in journalistic processes, including interviewing techniques, research, story structure, AP style and writing concisely, clearly and accurately,
  5. Students will understand the strengths and limitations of social media and apply that knowledge professionally.
  6. Students will learn to work under the pressure of constant deadlines.
  7. Students will understand current mass media theories as they apply to their concentration.

Photojournalism Concentration

Total: 48 credits


In order to earn a degree, you must successfully complete all requirements for your major as listed here AND meet all other Degree Requirements , including the General Education Curriculum requirements  and JSC Graduation Standards .

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