Mar 24, 2019  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

English (B.A.)

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Students in this program explore literature and language from critical, aesthetic, historical, linguistic and national perspectives. Opportunities to study creative writing and journalism are also components of the program.

Learning Outcomes for English Majors

The B.A. in English will:

  1. Enable students to identify the major genres of literature, to recognize the features of each genre and to explore and evaluate different approaches to literary criticism and interpretation.
  2. Introduce students to English, American and world literary traditions so that they will learn how literature both reflects and shapes intellectual, aesthetic and cultural life.
  3. Develop students’ abilities to analyze and explicate literary texts so that they can identify themes and ideas and learn how formal literary devices affect meaning.
  4. Prepare students for graduate study, for teaching secondary school English and for careers in the private sector or in government that require critical thinking and reading skills as well as skills in research and discourse analysis.

Required Courses

Introductory Core Courses

Upper-level Specialty Courses in Literature, Language and Criticism

Optional Thesis

Total: 39 credits (42 with thesis)

Secondary Teaching License in English

Students pursuing licensure endorsement to teach English in grades 7-12 must successfully complete either the B.A. in English  or the B.F.A. in Creative Writing  as well as specific teacher-education coursework and requirements. Please refer to the Secondary Teacher License Endorsement  section for details.


In order to earn a degree, you must successfully complete all requirements for your major as listed here AND meet all other Degree Requirements , including the General Education Curriculum requirements  and JSC Graduation Standards .

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