Jul 18, 2019  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

General Education Curriculum for Distance Learning Students (JSC Online and EDP)

Students enrolled in JSC Online or the External Degree Program must earn at least 60 credits in the liberal arts. These credits must include the following components of the General Education Curriculum:

Key Skills: 6 credits

  • Mathematics (3 credits)
  • Rhetorical Expression: ENG-1220 Rhetorical Expression  (3 credits), or earn a waiver by passing a challenge exam. This requirement should be met by the end of a student’s second semester or after completion of 15 credits in EDP. ENG-1220 Rhetorical Expression  meets the College’s graduation requirement in writing for JSC Online and EDP students, and no other course or experiential credits can substitute for it.  [Note:  Students taking the challenge exam are charged a $100 fee.]

Integrated Knowledge: 25 credits

  • Individual and Human Relationships (6 credits). English literature or writing, languages, communications, psychology or other courses with a focus on understanding self and others.
  • Social and Historical Relationships (6 credits). Sociology, history, political science, economics, law and other courses focusing on social institutions, movements and problems past and present. At least three credits must emphasize an historical perspective.
  • Environmental and World Relationships (7 credits). Sciences (physical, biological, environmental, health). At least four credits must use or study scientific method, including a lab or field study.
  • Universal and Philosophical Relationships (6 credits). Studies with a focus on transcendent issues, symbolic systems and aesthetic understanding. At least three credits must be in a consciously speculative field such as philosophy, religious studies, mythology, aesthetic or symbolic theory. Other credits can be in areas such as art, music or drama.

Note: For students majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A.) , no more than 6 credits in the major can be applied to the General Education Curriculum.